HPC is about performance and speed.  Using a cluster of computing resource to tackle complex problems which no normal workstation or laptop can solve.

So why is HPC so Complex?

Due to its vast scale and infrastructure High Performance Computing remains a highly niche and complex sector.  It is due to these complexities that HPC can be both challenging and costly if not understood and handled correctly. 

we remain uniquely focused on providing best-in-class HPC solutions to all our customers, regardless of requirement.  Our consultants are recognised, internationally, for being the best in their field for this highly scientific area of IT.  We continually  offer impartial and independent advice on all aspects of the HPC lifecycle. Our expertise within this sector remains unparalleled ensuring our place as the UK’s leading number one HPC consultancy provider.  Below are just a few questions we have assisted companies in answering so they can achieve the best performance and value from HPC:

  • Do you know what your HPC is used for?
  • Do you understand the value of your HPC?
  • What does your overall business require from an HPC Solution?
  • Do you have the right expertise for HPC within your IT department?
  • How do we analyse all the data extracted from HPC?
  • Do we have the budget and environment for HPC?

At ClustersLogicSolutions, HPC is our expertise

Success does not happen by chance, it emerges over time and is a result of experience, knowledge and passion. Due to the complexities surrounding HPC our knowledge has led to many organisations and institutions, both within the UK and Overseas, to continually save money. As a business, we have also been instrumental in the deployment of many IT infrastructures, managing our customers’ on-going needs.  Our mission is to implement solutions not just suited for today’s business needs but to incorporate customers future strategies and plans for growth.  ClustersLogicSolutions Consulting is able to bring sustainability to companies in an ever-evolving technological world.

Our team of professionals mitigate risk and uncertainty through their knowledge and expertise of HPC.  They are able to focus on the successful and timely delivery of your agreed HPC solution.  Our team of experts will always work in partnership with our customers IT team’s undertaking their business guidelines and business practices. We fully understand and respect the pressures on businesses in today’s economic climate to reduce costs whilst improving the level of quality.

ClustersLogicSolutions prides itself in assisting successful businesses build and plan for the future.  As a customer, you are guaranteed operational success no matter what the challenge or complexity.

Services we are able to offer


Our team of experts are able to be on site working within your business to oversee the full successful implementation of any new HPC computer.

Project Management

Our fully qualified team of project managers utilises the Prince 2 project management process. As a team, we will be responsible for the full management of the project, deliverables, roadblocks and stakeholder management. Our projects managers will communicate regularly ensuring there is never any unknowns or uncertainties within the project. Our process enables managing risk from initial stages the earliest time possible. Widely understood, experience has shown that adapting to this process it has a proven record of delivering around 1000 times cheaper to the customer.

HPC Planning and Procurement Support

HPC is a unique and complex purchase and if handled incorrectly could end up costing your business millions. Our consultants are able to support your business through the entire procurement cycle; from writing the initial ITT to evaluation and then be on hand to ensure a successful and timely implementation.

Change Management

If procuring HPC for the first time, your business will have to make some fundamental changes to its organisational structure including changes in current process. Our team of consultants will oversee this transition for your, taking full responsibility and managing the entire process. We ensure minimal disruption to your day to day business activities whilst mitigating any risk.

Commissioning & Decommissioning

Our team of experts will be on hand to support the extraction of the old computer and the implementation of the new computer. Full test management will be undertaken and our team will not leave until the new computer is fully operational.

HPC Audit’s

As businesses evolve over time so to can the demands on your existing HPC solution.  With HPC cycles running every 3 years ClustersLogicSolutions is able to assist with the assessment of your HPC renewal or next HPC cycle.  Our team of consultants can be on hand for as short or as long as your business requires.  We are able to undertake a complete review of your business requirements, user requirements and business cases to support the successful delivery for the next phase of your HPC journey.

Software Development and Engineering

Development in HPC is difficult due to its specialist and challenging nature. Therefore to develop your HPC requirements the need for a highly skilled software engineers is essential. Our team of experts are highly experienced in implementing high complexity, high value, HPC software solutions for a diverse group of clients across multiple industry sectors. We bring that knowledge and expertise to ensure the right solution and development is implemented for your business.

Acceptance Testing

Through the utilisation of our own unique bespoke processes we are able to dramatically reduce the risk at all stages of the implementation of the new HPC computer. Our experts will be on site to oversee every step of the way, testing all elements of the computer and set up ensuring a successful transition to life.

Technical Assurance

ClustersLogicSolutions frequently works with the customer project team in a deeply integrated fashion, lending our expert advice to their procurement process while allowing suppliers to compete directly on the best design and implementation.

Technical Architecture

ClustersLogicSolutions can provide full system architecting and specification service covering all aspects of HPC, from the physical hardware to the design of an operating model and the associated support mechanisms.

System Design

Having experience of working with all HPC systems of all various sizes, be it from a single blade chassis to £100 million “big iron”, ClustersLogicSolutions is ideally placed to offer guidance on a system design guaranteed to meet your business requirements.