Cloud Services


The world of High-Performance Computing continues to evolve with exciting new developments.  Whilst in previous years it was always traditional on-premise solutions which dominated the industry, now we are seeing the development of Cloud technology offering greater HPC capability.  Now more than ever, you must ask yourself is on-premise the right solution for your business’s future?  If not, what does the alternative look like?

Cloud technology over the last five years has become increasingly more recognizable as a technical solution for HPC, and it continues to grow. However, whilst still in its HPC infancy, amongst some, there still remains a level of scepticism with this emerging technical solution.

So where do you turn to get the right answers for your business?

As a market leader in the delivery of HPC and Cloud solutions, ClustersLogicSolutions Consulting remains an independent resource focused on the individual requirements of our customers. We ensure only the best-in-class solutions are explored and implemented for our customers, ensuring a robust and sustainable technological future.

  • Do you understand all your business HPC requirements?
  • Is your business ready for Cloud?
  • Does your business have the right infrastructure for Cloud?
  • Do you know what your business wants to get out of Cloud?
  • Can Cloud handle your unique and varied workflows?
  • Can the Cloud deliver adequate security for your business?

Having completed more than 25 HPC in the Cloud projects, our specialist team of consultants are fully versed with the dynamics of Cloud Computing.  Certified Cloud Solutions Architects with Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud, our team have experienced every kind of challenge presented by this emerging technology.  We have assisted many organisations, across all sectors of the economy, both in the UK and overseas, to understand and get the answers they require from Cloud technology.  From initial review and strategy to obtaining a full and complete understanding of requirements, to running PoC’s and pilots to undertaking full HPC migration, we have and continue to be instrumental in HPC in the Cloud solution delivery.

As a partner, working alongside your business, ClustersLogicSolutions will ask those potentially uneasy questions that your direct employees may find challenging. We will continue to examine and explore until we fully understand and extract the right information required for your business. It is through the knowledge we gain that we can convert and implement the right HPC solution for your business.  We are an organisation built on trust, focused on delivering excellence at every stage of your Cloud journey.  ClustersLogicSolutions Consulting is uniquely placed, understanding the specialist area of both On Premise and Cloud.  We continue to work with all customers to deliver the right solution, after all it could be a hybrid combination of both.

Our skillset and understanding of HPC in the Cloud, doesn’t just reside with customers.  Due to our expert knowledge of the HPC sector we continue to successfully support the cloud providers from architecture to engineering to development to solution solving.  Our team of experts are all round HPC and Cloud experts with unrivalled expertise.